Corn Island has a very rich history and unique culture. Your stay with us will allow you to experience this culture and really understand what it is like to live the island life. We strongly encourage our guests to visit some of the other restaurants on the island and to support the local economy. You can explore the island on foot, bicycle, motorized scooter, golf cart and even boat! Fishing is the largest industry for the islanders and you too can take part by going on a guided fishing trip in the ocean (our chefs will even cook up your catch of the day!). Or take in a ball game and see where KC Royals 3rd baseman Cheslor Cuthbert (Corn Island native) got his start. And definitely make sure you take some time to enjoy the music any local festivities (the crab fest is not to be missed!). Easter is also a very big holiday for Corn island and if you visit during this week, you will see the Island come alive with many visitors, opportunities to try local cuisine, musical entertainment and other events (have you ever seen an Easter egg hunt on the beach?)! This island may be tiny, but it has a big heart and a lot to offer to those who visit.

Big Corn Island

  • Endulge your tastebuds with authentic Nicaraguan food and join in a local Crab Feast.
  • Take pleasure in the remarkable view from Mount Pleasant
  • Take part in the many festivals and celebrations
  • Experience scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.


  • Watch the games at the Stadium on Big Corn Island each Sunday during the season (which runs from *** to ***).Not only will you enjoy watching some great athletes, but you can also take part in another baseball tradition – FOOD! There are lots of familiar (and not-so-familiar) options to delight your appetite while taking in the game.

Little Corn Island

  • A short boat trip away from Corn Island is Little Corn Island bursting with culture and scenery.
  • Ranked in the top 10 diving sites in the world.
  • No roads only beaches!


  • One of Nicaragua’s coastal cities and one of the main boating ports.
  • Excellent shopping can be found in the many small shops throughout Bluefields.


  • Spend some time in the capital of Nicaragua where you can shop at big urban malls as well as local large markets.


  • Catarina is an ancient volcano that has sealed off and turned into a stunning lake. Come for lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Stroll through the many market vendors and buy some souvenirs or gifts for your friends back home.


  • One of the oldest cities in Central Amercia.
  • Enjoy the scenery in a horse drawn carriage as you tour the city.

Mt. Pleasant Tower

  • Hike to the highest point on Corn Island
    through plantations and lush flora and view the 360 panorama of the


  • Magnificent active volcano.
  • Fortress style market featuring clothes, crafts and artifacts.


  • The price is usually right as you can find lots of great deals on clothes, jewelry, local crafts, unique toys.
  • Whether it is a gift for someone else, or your own special keepsake to remember your trip – you will find lots of opportunities to shop in Nicarauga.

These are just a few of the many destinations available on mainland Nicaragua that are only a 60 minute flight form Corn Island!

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